Varsity Powerlifting · Powerlifting Results from the Weekend

Tony Cobbs had an absolutely awesome day!  Not only did Tony set all new personal records in all 3 lifts and total weight lifted, Tony set an all class record in the clean with a 280lb lift!  Tony also set a new Junior class squat record at 460lbs, the best of any Junior in Piper High School history at a meet.  Finally, Tony joined the 1000lb club, a big feat for any lifter, only our second in school history with the other being Cooper Beebe.  The total of Tony’s 3 lifts equalled exactly 1000lbs, a new Junior and weight class record.  Fantastic day for this young man!!!

Point of emphasis, we had 12 female athletes compete today.  From what Coach Brindle can recall in his time at Piper, that is the largest number to compete in a single competition in Piper High School history!  It’s amazing what our female program is doing with the excellent buy in from our female sport coaches and encouraging them to be in our weight classes or winter strength and conditioning program!  On another positive note, every single one of those lifters are an underclassman!

Here are the Results from the Basehor-Linwood Bobcat Power Invitational.

Jr. Men’s Team Finished 5th out of 24 Teams

Jr. Women’s Team Finished 3rd out of 11 Teams

Men’s Team Finished 9th out of 33 Teams

Women’s Team Finished 13th out of 21 Teams


Our women’s lifter’s broke 25 school records.  Here are our new record holders.


Fr. Kylie Brockman

Fr. Breanna Miller

Fr. Sierra Montez

Fr. Madison Welker

So. Trista Farr

Jr. Kaylee Spencer

Jr. Alexis Saragusa


Our men’s lifters broke 21 school records. Our new record holders are:


Fr. Hayden Turner-Rood

Fr. Cameron Rogers

So. Jonathon Green

Jr. Tony Cobbs

Jr. Darius McNeal

Sr. Jacob Swatek


Medal Winners include:

Fr. Hayden Turner-Rood – 2nd Place, Jr. Men’s 114lb Class

So. Grant Lockwood – 1st Place, Jr. Men’s 123lb Class

Jr. Darius McNeal – 2nd Place, Men’s 156lb Class

Jr. Tony Cobbs – 3rd Place, Men’s 242lb Class


So. Trista Farr – 2nd Place, Jr. Women’s 123lb Class

Fr. Kylie Brockman – 1st Place, Jr. Women’s 140lb Class

So. Mackenzie Jones – 1st Place, Jr. Women’s 165lb Class