Boys Varsity Golf · Senior 2020 Boys Golf

With the sudden ending of the spring seasons, we have reached out to the coaches/parents to send in pictures of the 2020 Seniors who seasons got cut too short or all together. This week we are remembering the boys golf program. Good luck the to the next adventure that is coming your way……..

Jack Robinson– where do I begin?  Jack is a blast to be around and a hard worker.  Jack’s sophomore year was his first year on the golf team and he came to me with a bad golf grip.  I suggested the changes early in the season and he didn’t make the change.  His average was about 115 in tournaments I believe.  We were at our next tourney and he still hadn’t made the change on his grip so I told him to play this tournament with the grip I wanted him to switch to.  If I caught him not doing the grip in the tournament he was going to miss the next one.  He shot 133 or something like that and wasn’t happy with me.  His Junior he came back with a better grip and he averaged about 99 in the tournaments.  So,  I was disappointed in his senior year getting cancelled because I felt he had a chance to qualify for State.  Jack Robinson, I will always remember the van rides to the tournaments and you being my shotgun rider.  Good luck in the future and keep working hard.

Ty Shelley– I was only able to coach Ty one full year but it was a fun time working with a him because of his work ethic and good sense of humor.  For the first few weeks of his senior year at practice I saw some improvement in his game.  I am disappointed that I couldn’t watch his game grow because of the circumstances.  Keep dropping the 3’s in college bball.
Liam Kirwan– Liam had a passion to always get better and he wore it on his sleeve. That is one of the things I liked about him the best.  Liam was always asking questions to get better.  He also had nice golf wardrobe that made me jealous, lol.  Good luck Liam.
Andrew Flory– A little story about Andrew and his driver heads.  I believe he broke two heads off the shaft during his time on the team.  He gave me one as senior gift to the coach for a paper weight.  The first few weeks of practice he was making strides with his swing and was going to break through in team qualifying to play in a few JV tournaments.  Good luck Andrew your future looks bright.