Pirates News · Fan Attendance Restrictions for Fall 2020

Pirate Fans!!! As you may or may not be aware of we are playing all volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, dance, & football away in 2020. This coincides with the Wyandotte County executive order. Each away venue will have spectator restrictions and limited access to events. The Piper Activity Department will send out updates as we get them. Below is the Frontier League Event Restriction guidelines:


Frontier League Event Restrictions

*League passes for administration and school board at the current time.  Additional league passes can be purchased in the future.

*Four league tickets will be created for volleyball, soccer, football, and cheerleaders rostered to play/perform that night.   Tickets are good for Frontier League home and away games. Coaches will receive two tickets.  These numbers could be less if dictated by our county health department.

*Schools have the authority to decrease the number of tickets as it relates to their counties guidelines and facility space.

* Four league tickets will be created for dance and band members, for home events.  These tickets can be used at home events only.  These numbers could be less if dictated by our county health department. 

*Each gate will have a detailed roster for both teams.  Any players not rostered for that nights event will not be allowed to have spectators enter the facility. 

*All sub-varsity volleyball, soccer, and football events that take place while teams are the Option 2 model will be required to have a ticket taker, even if no money is required to attend the event. 

*All fans may be subject to temperature screening prior to admittance to the facility. 

*Teams are asked not to shake hands, give high fives, or fist bumps with the opposing team and officials.  No fans will be allowed on the field or court following games.


Crowds at athletic events:

Host schools will provide advanced notice to their opponent as to what Option the host school is in as it relates to fan attendance.

Option 1:                       No attendance restrictions

             The wearing of masks will be determined by the host school

Option 2:                     Attendance restrictions will be in place

            All spectators, workers, cheer/dance may be required to wear a mask

           Teams will come dressed and ready

           Prior to departure from your home facility all visiting teams will perform temperature and COVID-19 symptom screenings.

          Home team will provide a locker room for the visiting team. (Varsity FB only)

          Coaches, both home and away, are asked to limit rosters to essential personal

          Teams will have the option to utilize outdoor space at halftime

           Restrictions to the number of fans per athlete and coach       

Option 3:                     No fans

         All workers are required to wear masks

Coaches, both home and away, are ask to limit rosters to essential personnel

         No cheer/dance/band by either team