Team Physician Information

Dr. Greg Canty, Team Physician

Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Mercy

Phone: (816) 701-HURT

Greg Canty, MD is proud to be the team physician for Piper High School.  He works alongside your athletic trainer, Troy Koerner ATC, to provide a full spectrum of sports medicine care for the Pirate Nation.  Dr. Canty has been the Medical Director for the Sports Medicine Center at Children’s Mercy since 2010.

Dr. Canty has worked with athletes at every level of competition including recreational, high school, collegiate and professional.  He really gets joy out of working with high school athletes because of the memories he has roaming the gyms and sidelines of Kentucky where his father was a high school basketball coach.

Dr. Canty has extensive medical training including seven years of medical school and pediatrics residency at the University of Louisville, three years of emergency medicine fellowship at Children’s Mercy, and a year of sports medicine fellowship at the University of Colorado.  He is now an Associate Professor at the UMKC School of Medicine and serves on numerous regional and national Sports Medicine Boards.

Stop by and say hello anytime you see Dr. Canty roaming the sidelines of a Piper event.  He loves getting to know the Piper students and their families.  If you are ever in need of his medical expertise, he sees patients right near the Piper community at the Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Center – Village West location.

Go Pirate Nation!